STOR2RRD and FS9100 user with monitor role


I've added stor2rrd v7.70 to our existing lpar2rrd server. I have configured it to connect to our first FS9100 that is running code.

On the FS9100 I created the stor2rrd user (local) and gave it the monitor role. I verified that I can log in with this user.

When I run the connection test in stor2rrd I get these errors:

SSH network connection: TCP connection to x.x.x.x:22 is OK.

Crontab test: OK

SSH authorization: NOK

Tue Aug 29 11:17:19 2023 - ERROR   -   current account does not have Administration or RestrictedAdmin access!!
Tue Aug 29 11:17:19 2023 - ERROR   - stor2rrd user on all IBM SVC/Storwize must belong to "RestrictedAdmin" or "Administrator" UserRole
$VAR1 = [
          'name stor2rrd',
          'role Monitor',
          'owner_id ',
          'owner_name '

If I understand your documentation correctly, I should be able to use the monitor role when our FS is on or newer.

About stor2rrd info:

STOR2RRD version 7.70

STOR2RRD edition free

OS info Linux

Perl version v5.26.1

Web server info Apache

RRDTOOL version 1.7.0

SQLite version n/a

Any idea why it is behaving like this?


  • ignore connection test output, we forgot to implement it there, it is already done.

    However it should work on the back-end, check if you see the storage in the UI.

  • It does work indeed now, thanks - the connection test output sent me searching for errors :)

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