Problem with installation. MCH42B5 - Program or module not convertible.

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I tried to install LPAR2RRD on one of the partitions, and when I tried to run

Ilodruns file(Q1WWTNS/Z_LPAR2RRD) I have a message:

MCH42B5 - Program or module not convertible.

Cause . . . . . :  The program or module object does not contain the required

 information for it to be converted. Conversion is required when the object 

 is not in the correct format for the current machine implementation, or when

 the object requires hardware features not present on the current machine.  

 The program or module affected is LODRUNS.                  

What is the prerequisites for LPAR2RRD?

Do I need to install/update another products on the system?


Partition on version:



  • hi,

    no clue what does: Ilodruns file(Q1WWTNS/Z_LPAR2RRD), I am not an IBM i expert, but why do not you follow installation docu? there is nothing like that.

  • btw there is no any prerequisites needed.

  • I tried to install this by script created by someone from different team, maybe created for another version / format of the system.

    Finally I manually stored savefile from on the system (as on the instruction IBM Power Systems Monitoring ( did all commands manually. Everything is working now.

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