LPAR2RRD / VMWare Data History

Good Day,

Is there a way to collect data older than, what I think is, the default 24 hr period ?



  • Hi,

    I do not understand.

    What default is 24hours?

    The tool collects only actual data, what does mean older? Like collect 2 days old data and save it? why?

    details pls ...

  • Good Day,

    We had an issue where cron jobs failing due to an issue with the lpar2rrd account. So now we are missing some data for a few days and wanted to know if it is possible to have lpar2rrd to collect for the missing days.


  • no, this is not possible.

    1. we use rea-time vCenter data, its kept 1 hour on the vCenter (in memory)
    2. it is not possible to load older data than you already have saved into RRDTOOL
  • Thanks ...

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