Feature request: Monitor crc errors on the 3par/primera ports


We have had an issue recently that might be nice if stor2rrd had seen it.

Our san switches are in stor2rrd and we find the crc error graph very nice. But this is only 50% of the coverage since you also need to monitor crc errors on the other side of the san switch.

Out problem was that the crc errors were rising on the 3par side and we did not notice it until perfomance was impacted. After some support calls with HPE I noticed they use the showportlesb command and that the 3par/primera has a retention history of crc errors of the port and the hosts.

It would be amazing if stor2rrd could integrate this in the hpe monitoring so it can be graphed.

Example of command: (in this cace the crc errors went from 7601 to 7743 between Aug 18 03:47:24 and Aug 18 09:44:40)

showportlesb hist -startt 08/18 1:2:1

Aug 18 03:47:24

   ID   ALPA ----Port_WWN---- LinkFail LossSync LossSig PrimSeq InvWord InvCRC

<1:2:1> 0x180c00 21210002AC024572    22   835    5    0  6826  7601


Aug 18 09:44:40

   ID   ALPA ----Port_WWN---- LinkFail LossSync LossSig PrimSeq InvWord InvCRC

<1:2:1> 0x180c00 21210002AC024572    22   835    5    0  6826  7743



  • Hi,

    From our point it is not a must feature. BTW it is available only via 3PAR CLI (ssh), 3PAR REST API (our preferable API) does not contain such data.

    Then we would be wiling to implement into our 3PAR monitoring only in case you consider support option from us, what is not real as your company has already refused our support offer in the past.

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