New installation with appliance

Hello, everyone:

First of all, please excuse me for my English, it is not my language.

I have installed the appliance with the STOR2RRD and I have it working with an EQUAL LOGIC but I cannot get the SAN Brocade switches to work correctly. 

The models are 5100 with VF and 6510. I have followed all the steps but I can't get the tests to work or show data. I need any help

Example: IP Appliance IP Brocade


  • Example configuration:

    SANswitch:admin> snmpconfig --show snmpv1

    SNMPv1 community and trap recipient configuration:

     Community 1: Secret C0de (rw)

       No trap recipient configured yet

     Community 2: OrigEquipMfr (rw)

       No trap recipient configured yet

     Community 3: private (rw)

       No trap recipient configured yet

     Community 4: public (ro)

       No trap recipient configured yet

     Community 5: common (ro)

       No trap recipient configured yet

     Community 6: FibreChannel (ro)

       No trap recipient configured yet


    SANswitch:admin> snmpconfig --show accessControl

    SNMP access list configuration:

    Entry 0: Access host subnet area (rw)

    Entry 1: No access host configured yet

    Entry 2: No access host configured yet

    Entry 3: No access host configured yet

    Entry 4: No access host configured yet

    Entry 5: No access host configured yet

    SANswitch:admin> snmpconfig --show seclevel

    GET security level = 0, SET level = 0

    SNMP GET Security Level: No security

    SNMP SET Security Level: No security


  • [lpar2rrd@stor2rrdpro stor2rrd]$ ./bin/




     UDP connection to "" on port "161" is ok

    Thu May 19 09:13:05 2022: Got Timeout querying with public for sysName. /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/ :

    snmpwalk -v 2c -c 'public'

    SNMP version : 2c (default)

    Port         : 161 (default)

    Timeout      : 5 seconds

    Community    : public


     connection failed!!

     Check network connectivity and user access

    No LAN configured :

    [lpar2rrd@stor2rrdpro stor2rrd]$

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