Missing data for tabs Pool Size/threads/faults/pages

We are starting deployment fo lpar2rrd onto bunch of AS400 Lpars.

We are getting outpu on tabs jobs/wrkactjobs/cputop/iotop and ASP, but no data displayed in tabs Pool Size/threads/faults/pages.

Any idea ? could it be an error during deployment? missing privilege ?

Thanks in advance


  • Hello,

    it should not be about an error during deployment or privileges.
    Does that happen on single lpar? If more lpars then what they have common like operating system level, huge RAM (there is a bug in preseting RAM over 2TB in the GUI, but it should show something at least) etc?
    Pls screenshot if possible.

  • Hello Pavel,
    Thank for replying
    Actually, I'm not the AS400 guy, I'm writing on behalf members of my team (will ask them to join the forum to move forward)
    However: we have deployed lpar2rrd on 2 Lpars running on js43 and P700 blade hardware.
    They are having low memory: 6GB and 12Gb for the 2d.
    Regarding screenshot, from as400 or from lpar2rrd ? (coz, there is nothing to see in this later...)
    I can ask for logs too, but don't know what to ask for precisely.
  • And, yes, maybe most important things: i5/OS V6R1M1 190

  • ok, lets do debuging.
    su - lpar2rrd
    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
    touch tmp/as400-debug
    let it work for 30 mins and then send us this log:
    gzip -9 logs/as400-debug.txt

    delete created file:
    rm tmp/as400-debug  # DO NOT FORGET ABOUT IT


    If you have more agents running then note name of the one which does not fully work in the upload form. Also note short problem descr there.

  • Thank you, i guess that log should be captured from the server hosting the console, not the as400 themselves 
  • right, from the server side
  • ok, let me ask, i'll let you know (I don't have hand on the server as of now...), thank you
  • Hello Pavel,

    Are there any specific parameter to start the LPAR2RRD Agent on AS400?

    On AS400 when you run RTV_SYSSTS command to start the LPAR2RRD it prompt to the below screen,

    Retrieve time period . . . . . .                      60            10 - 600 sec          
    Number cycles send to server . .                 10            1 - 10                
    Reset status statistic . . . . .                        *NO           *NO, *YES             
    SSTS0100 Format:                                                       
      Time period  . . . . . . . . .                          *TIMEPER      5-600, *TIMEPER, *ONCE
      Selection indicator  . . . . .                        *NONE         *ALL, *NONE, *SELECT  
      Selection SSTS0100 frame . . .                   S0100USER, S0100BATCH1.
                   + for more values                                       
    SSTS0200 Format:                                                       
      Time period  . . . . . . . . .                          *TIMEPER      5-600, *TIMEPER, *ONCE
      Selection indicator  . . . . .                          *ALL          *ALL, *NONE, *SELECT  
      Selection SSTS0200 frame . . .                 S0200INFO, S0200PROCS..
                   + for more values        

    This is 1st page other than that there are multiple parameters.



  • Hello,

    And also i can see below message in RTV_SYSSSTS Job.

    Message ID . . . . . . :   C2M3005                                          
    Date sent  . . . . . . :   09/10/16      Time sent  . . . . . . :   11:12:09
    Message . . . . :   File is not opened for read operations.                 
    Cause . . . . . :   File is not open, or is not opened for read operations. 
    Recovery  . . . :   If you want to read from this file, open the file again 
      with an open mode that allows read operations.                            
    Technical description . . . . . . . . :   The value of errno is set to      

  • edited October 2016

    ignore parameters for now, leave defaults.
    Do you see in the log if communication is estabilished with the lpar2rrd server?
    Have you defined lpar2rrd server (replace LPAR2RRD-SERVER.SERVER.COM in below example by your one)?
    Is it pingable and port 8162 open from IBM i to lpar2rrd server?

  • Hello Pavel
    (Actually, Mudassir is working with me)
    In // we have requested for the logs on Lpar2RRD server : after 1 day, logfile size = 0k
  • I mean: zero ko
  • Hello Pavel,

    Below are the logs for SND_SYSSTS JOB.

    ER: C_SNDSTS+ - select() time-out.     
    IF: C_SNDSTS - re-connect().           
    IF: C_SNDSTS  - connection Established()

    Below are the NETSTAT details for LPAR2RRD server connection

    Remote           Remote     Local                        
    Address          Port          Port             Idle Time  State     8162       29692      000:00:17  Time-wait

    And yes we are able to ping the server.

  • Hello Pavel,

    So, nothing in the log at lpar2rrd server's end, and looks good from AS400 lpar...

    What me worry is that the lpar2rrd server's logs are empty despite the fact that some of the data are being displayed on the console, is it an error log only ? or did we miss something ?

    $ pwd
    $ ls -l
    total 0
    -rw-r--r-- 1 lpar2rrd staff 0 Oct 12 09:57 as400-debug
    -rw-r--r-- 1 lpar2rrd staff 0 Oct 12 09:33 as400-debug.txt

  • if you can see data then ignore debuging, the latest version of the server has that debuging broken, that is probably why. It is already fixed in actual code.
    remove tmp/as400-debug

    Then everything is fine, right?

    BTW there will be new enhanced version of the IBM i agent available soon with LAN adapters monitoring an disk monitoring and some other minor enhancements and fixes. Just today it is going to some testers.
    Anyone wiling to test it is welcome :)
  • Hello : I have to ask for file removal (not in our scope), do I have to ask for both the file removal ? "tmp/as400-debug" and "tmp/as400-debug.txt"  ?
  • Regarding the 4.90 test, I would have been pleased too, however, the Lpar2rrd server are indeed managed externally, therefore, no hand on it.
    But they plan to upgrade soon
  • you can remove both (1st one is important, it woudl start write a lot of debuging data after future upgrade)

    rm tmp/as400-debug
    rm logs/as400-debug.txt

  • Actually, to be clear: nothing fixed yet, still no data displayed in tabs Pool Size/threads/faults/pages.
    When I said "I can see data", this was on the other pages.
  • ok, unfortunatelly debuging is limited in this version (because o a bug).
    I would recomend to use our latest agent and server.
    The problem might be already fixed and new version has far better debuging posibilities.
    I will share the code for upgrade tomorrow morning latest, it is being actually prepared.

    I think this is the best way, I appologize but such sort of issues is not posible to debug enough in your version.

  • Pls try this code:
    1. upgrade lpar2rrd server: http://www.lpar2rrd.com/download/lpar2rrd-4.92-1.tar
    2. upgrade IBM i agent http://www.lpar2rrd.com/download/LPAR2RRD_1.0.4.zip

    Let it work for an hour and let us know. If the issue is not fixed then we will debug further.

  • Hello Pavel, sorry for my late reply, was busy last days.

    Thank you for your reply, I will check internally if 4.9 has been deployed on server and let you know
  • Hi Pavel

    i am trying to connect From IBM i to lpar2rrd server its not responding please help how to configure network from IBM i to lpar2rrd server

    Rahul P
  • Hi,

    as per docu http://www.lpar2rrd.com/as400-install.htm check:

    - on lpar2rrd server
      1. must run lpar2rrd-daemon process: ps -ef| grep lpar2rrd-daemon
      2. check if anyting is listening (daemon) : netstat -an| grep 8162
      3. check lpar2rrd error log if anything related: /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/logs/error.log-daemon

    - on network
      1. assure that from IBM i subnet you are allowed to connect LPAR2RRD server port 8162

    - on IBMi
       1. ping to lpar2rrd server is working?
       2. have you configured lpar2rrd server (host or IP) like this
       2. what is error when you start the agent

    Let us know if you go nowhere, provide more details.

  • Hello Pavel,
    v4.95 has been deployed by our hoster this morning: this seem to have fixed all issues with tab not displaying info and added some new metrics.
    Very satisfied.
    Thanks the dev team for that.
    let's close this thread...
  • ok, great, thanks for confirmation!
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