Alert for paging space utilization?

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Hi, we dont use alerts at all so far, but perhaps if it was possible to set an alert for paging space.... Based on your "Alerting" section only alerts based on CPU are possible... Of course, we have clients deployed....


  • Hi,
    Memory/paging space alerting is not implemented yet.
    We are planning it to be included in brand new alerting module.
    It will have much more alerting possibilities than actual alerting with GUI based configuration (like it is in actual stor2rrd product).
    It is something what is going to be introduced this year for sure :)

    You can use "Resource Configuration Adviser" as an workaround so far. It does similar things but off line (once a day) and without sending alerts :)
  • Thanks for really fast reply.

    Resource Configuration Adviser is also a good possibility, indeed.

    Anyway we look forward for new alerting features

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