ERROR - Unable to connect to remote machine FS5035 FW

I just added new storage into stor2rrd, ssh with ssh key works fine, but ./bin/ is failing.

[lpar2rrd@hmmcrrd stor2rrd]$ ssh lpar2rrd@ lsmdisk

id name   status mode  mdisk_grp_id mdisk_grp_name capacity ctrl_LUN_# controller_name UID tier          encrypt site_id site_name distributed dedupe over_provisioned supports_unmap

0  mdisk0 online array 0            POOL1-NLSAS    275.5TB                                 tier_nearline no                        yes         no     no               no


[lpar2rrd@hmmcrrd stor2rrd]$ cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd

[lpar2rrd@hmmcrrd stor2rrd]$

[lpar2rrd@hmmcrrd stor2rrd]$ ./bin/


STORAGE: HOSTNAME: SWIZ : sample rate: 300 seconds


  TCP connection to "" on port "22" is ok

. /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/etc/stor2rrd.cfg; /usr/bin/perl /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/ lpar2rrd "" 30 "sshtest" XXXXXX 1


Error: Unable to connect to remote machine. unable to establish master SSH connection: password authentication failed

Fri Mar  4 16:32:22 2022 - ERROR   - Unable to connect to remote machine - Return code: 1


  connection failed!!


Could You please help me?


  • SSH key authentication was not selected by me, this resolved problem.
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