IBM i OS Agent, JOBs tabs freezing


I'm a French evaluator of LPAR2RRD and IBM i OS Agent.
I have an issue with JOBs tabs of IBM i OS Agent (WRKACTJOB, CPUTOP, IOTOP).
On our IBM i, we have a lot of JOBs (JOBs tab of LPAR2RRD) :
- 69.000 known JOBs
- 5.500 active JOBs
Most of JOBs are temporary JOBs as QZDASOINIT JOBs.

Yesterday, I could viewing those tabs.  But today, I can't anymore.

When I clique, I'd find that CPU and memory of the virtual appliance (VMware Player on my computer) are exploding.
How do I size the LPAR2RRD server ?

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