RTV_SYSSTS parameters description


I'm a French evaluator of LPAR2RRD and IBM i OS Agent.
I've dont find parameters description for RTV_SYSSTS command.
I wonder to know on what I can act, and what is the result.


  • Looks like there is started many jobs which live short time but do something CPU intesive that appear in top10 process list. Out method how to monitor jobs is not suitable for such workload.
    Job monitoring can be switched off while the rest can work. Let me find procedure, I will let you know later on ...

    For the time being stop the agent on the IBM i side and clean up server data:
    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/
    ls -ld data/<server>/*/<lpar>--AS400--/JOB
    rm -r data/<server>/*/<lpar>--AS400--/JOB

  • yes, sorry.
    There will be parameter description in the next version (available via F1 as usually)

    The new version with further enhancement will be released at start of Oct 2016, it will contain apart of help this:
    - Top 10 disks per % busy (MB/sec, IOPS), per system and per ASP : Sep 2016
    - LAN statistics per interface : Sep 2016

  • Thanks for the update.

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