DataDomain collection

Recently i've opened case in the dell support. They found some issues with stor2rrd statistics collection:
"Found lots of messages which indicate that the database might be experiencing a congestion which is causing high pressure on the database - ddsh: INFO: SQLITE: rc=5, database is locked"
"Found something like a script or so running excessively on the DD, and its running lots of commands and this user is “stor2rrd”. We are suspecting this might be a cause for the high pressure experienced by DD registries so please check this user/script and try to disable it for now so that we can check the system behavior afterwards. Its not advisable to keep running this script excessively as this might cause performance issues for the DD."
I don't want to disable DataDomain statistics collection - it is very usefull. But there is plenty errror messages in the DataDomain log such as "database is locked" or "Too many logins for stor2rrd".
Is it possible to increase an interval between probes or there can be a different solution?
Thank you.


  • Hi,

    send us logs

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        cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd # or where is your STOR2RRD working dir

        tar cvhf logs.tar logs tmp/*txt

        gzip -9 logs.tar

        Send us logs.tar.gz via

  • I've uploaded logs.
  • Hello,
    I hope i've found the solution.
    There is a DataDomain parameter login-max-active.
    I've got a lot of NetBackup media server and all of them uses DataDomain 
    ddboost user login to connect to DataDomain. Theese sessions in conjunction 
    with stor2rrd sessions exceed a global session number.
    sysadmin@dd6800-p0(active:0)# adminaccess option show login-max-active.
    Adminaccess option "login-max-active" set to "150".
    sysadmin@dd6800-p0(active:0)# adminaccess option set login-max-active 500
    Adminaccess option "login-max-active" set to "500".

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