How to support a new storage device?

If I want to support a new storage device, how should I start? Is there any instruction guide?


  • Hi,

    what storage exactly do you want to add?
    Anyting on our voting list?

    New devices must be added by us, there is no any generic API

    We add new device when there is general user demand for it or if the vendor or whoever else pays for its implementation.

  • We want to support some storage devices from a Chinese Storage Company named Inspur. It seems that stor2rrd does not support that.
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    we support already some Inspur devices like AS 5500/5300/2600/2200 and might be even others.
    I believe that most of Inspur storage devices are re-brands. Therefore is quite likely that we already support originals.
    What storage device support exactly are you looking for?

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