Eternus RAID group names and "


Discovered that if RAID group names contain " then menu json is errored out.

It's allmost as in

Is it possible that " can be escaped in RAID group names?


  • Pavel
    edited May 2021

    what kind of storage are you talking about?
  • Fujitsu Eternus DX200
  • In pool.cfg (in data/storage/pool.cfg) file there's row:

    And if tmp/menu.txt contains the same row it gives json parse error.

    But ... if i remove " from name in menu.txt file ... all is good :)

  • Hi,

    I am wandering that storage alowed msuch character, most of storage devices do not allow special characters in names.
    Ok, escaping can bring further problems across our tool, the easies way to workaround it is removing it.
    This is easy, we can provide you a patch quickly.
  • I was surprised as well that these kind of characters are allowed ... but what to do ... they are there.
    If it can patched i would like that but in the other way i had to tell admin that these kind of characters in raid group names are not best way and i suggest to remove them.

    But untill they are removed ... if it's really easy patch it would be great ...

  • Ok, it was fast - names are changed and all is working - so no need for patch!
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