Mismatched real volume capacity vs stor2rrd in 'Configuration->Volumes'


I have problem in showing real capacity under 'Configuration->Volumes' site. I finded one volume when is mismatched capacity between those raport and real storage capacity.

There is some troubleshooting method to fix it and find another potentially wrong volumes?


  • Hi,

    example pls
    what storage ty is it?
    is that ony about single volume?
  • hi,

    oooo now i see my problem and mistake :)

    I have IBM storewize and HPE 3PAR storages and on IBM matrix in mensioned report I see created (virtual) capacity but on HPE 3PAR i see only used capacity. Is there some kind of 'switch' to unificated these report, to shows ie. only virtual capacity ?
  • Hi,

    I think it is hard to compare 3PAR to any other storage although we are trying to somehow normalize its dat.

    I far as I remember then this could be truth, let me know if does not
    3par "used" == storwize "capacity"
  • Hi Pavel,

    Thank you for reply. From my point of view we have:
    1. 3par "total used"== storwize "used capacity"
    2. 3par "virtual size" == storwize "capacity"

    but stor2rrd showing:
    3par "used capacity" == storwize "capacity"

    Is there some kind of parameter to reconfigure?
  • Hi,

    I am not sure I understand what the problem is.
    But you are right about 3PAR Volume Virtual capacity.

    "Virtual capacity" should display the Volume size.
    This is true for IBM Storwize.
    But for 3PAR Virtual shows the Used capacity instead.
    We'll have a look at it and see if we can fix it.

    On the other hand, capacity reporting for 3PARs is very different from IBM Storwize.
    3PARs are complicated...
    They don't have pools. Capacity is reported for Tiers, where Tier = disk type.
    Volume capacity is logical (NET) while Tier capacity is physical (RAW).
    There is no way to compare Tier (disk usage) with Volume used capacity.
    And so on...


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