Feature Request: 'Cloud Estimator' - Network and Storage total MB sent/received metrics needed

I've been trying estimate the costs of moving LPARs to IBM's cloud services, but its hard to estimate the costs of data egress, both from a network and storage prospective.
While LPAR2RRD/STOR2RRD provides the averages of I/O, I think it would be a great addition, to provide a TOTAL MB transferred.
Obviously, RRD is not the appropriate store for this type of metric, but considering the value is a single value, constantly increasing, perhaps it could be stored in another way.
The workload estimator is very useful for estimating the CPU usage for the target system, but a large proportion of the aaS target costs are data egress, and it would be a great addition to LPAR2RRD, to have a 'cloud estimator'
Just a thought.


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