VMWare Permission Errors

We are running lpar2rrd Version 6.21 (Enterprise VMware).
Our vCenter is on 7.0 U1 

During every load.sh we get the following message in the vCenter.
02/25/2021, 1:01:27 PM Privilege check failed for user REALM\lpar2rrd for missing permission Sessions.TerminateSession. Session user performing the check: REALM\lpar2rrd

All data is loaded successfully.
We noticed the messages after updating the vCenter but we don't know if they were there before.
The user in the vCenter is in ReadOnly group as required.

Did someone else see this messages before?


  • Hi,

    we use read-only role on the vCenter, if there is anything missiong (like read-only role has no permission for anything) then it is not our fault.

    We got no idea why it happens, even have no record of it in our knowledge base.
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