Undefined subroutine &SNMP::addMibDirs called at /opt/stor2rrd/bin/SNMP_lib.pm line 83.


Configured four IBM/Brocade SAN switches.
When running the verify, I get the following error.

API authorization: NOK
Undefined subroutine &SNMP::addMibDirs called at /opt/stor2rrd/bin/SNMP_lib.pm line 83.

Running snmpwalk, I can walk the device.

My operating system is Ubuntu Focal on Power.
The SNMP.pm module is in the PERLIB path as /usr/share/perl5/Net/SNMP.pm
I am at a loss.


  • Hi,

    do you have installed perl-snmp?

    rpm -qa| grep -i snmp

  • As I am using Ubuntu, they seem to have different names for their packages.
    In this case I have libperl-snmp

  • saffer
    edited December 2020
    Problem has been resolved.
    There are many SNMP modules, nut what is required is the NET::SNMP module.
    For Ubuntu FOCAL on PPC64 you will need to do a 
      apt-get install libsnmp-perl

    The following path is required to be appended in the etc/stor2rrd.cfg file on the PERL5LIB variable.


  • thanks for info
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