Retrieve san configuration issue

Hi All, 

I am now experiencing a strange issue: 
When selecting SAN (switches) configuration to get an overall view of the SAN , the software just goes into a loop without showing any data 

Here are the error.log

Use of uninitialized value $RRDp::error_mode in string eq at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/ line 168.
Tue Dec  8 14:55:03 2020: SAN SWITCH : : load_san failed: ERROR: '/data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd' is too small (should be 12432216 bytes) at /data/stor2rrd/bin/
line 2690.

Thanks in advance 


  • edited December 2020

    it looks like that rrd file is corrupted.
    We would need to see the output from these commands:

    ls -l /data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd
    rrdtool fetch /data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd AVERAGE -s -20min cd /data/stor2rrd/ ./bin/

    NOTE: the last command can take some time, so let it work till end and then send us the output

  • thanks , here is the information requested 

    [stor2rrd@SANMONITORING root]$ ls -l /data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd
    -rw-r--r-- 1 stor2rrd stor2rrd 7524352 Oct 20 16:44 /data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd
    [stor2rrd@SANMONITORING root]$ rrdtool fetch /data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd AVERAGE -s -20min
    ERROR: '/data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd' is too small (should be 12432216 bytes)
    [stor2rrd@SANMONITORING root]$ cd /data/stor2rrd/
    [stor2rrd@SANMONITORING stor2rrd]$ ./bin/
    ................................................................  rm data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd
    ............Checked files: 7601
    There are 1 corrupted RRDTool database files, delete them to avoid problems!
    Get the list of files: cat /tmp/
    Get the list errors: cat /tmp/

  • Hi,

    there is just one corrupted file.

    Remove that file:

    rm /data/stor2rrd/data/BFRCRBSWI002/port19.rrd

    After then:

    cd /data/stor2rrd/

    Refresh stor2rrd UI (ctrl+F5).
    Let us know if that helped. Thanks.
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