VMs, Datastore and LUN UID help report

Dears, there are any way to get a report with which VMs are running on each datastore including the LUN UID?
I saw that LPAR2RRD is able to show VMs by DS thru the GUI but I didn't find an option reporting it including LUN information.
Also I have tried by xormon.
thanks in advanced, martin


  • Hi,

    you can see in Xormon volume ID of the datastore in the new tab called "Volume", then tab before is list of VMs.
    If the datastor is mapped to single volume then it is what you are looking for, if there is more volumes in the datastore then no way ...

  • Hello Pavel, thanks for your feedback,  I would like to export all datastore and VMs on which DS runs. this same information but in text, cvs format.
    in this way is possible in an storage upgrade know which applications or VM are affected.
    From the GUI do you need one by one looking for LUNs IDs (UID)
    Regards, Martin
  • Hi,

    VM per datastore is in the tab "VM", however not in csv available.
    Is this what would you need?
  • yes, I would like to get a report of what VMs runs in each LUN.
  • is not that information in tab "VM list"?
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