API connection failed!!!

Hello All, 

I am now experiencing the following error since changing the role of the stor2rrd user from monitor to admin for ssh
Bearing in mind I did the same action on 5 other cdot and not experiencing the same issue.  

SSH connection OK
  Testing API connection...
  ERROR Fri Nov  6 14:02:30 2020 na_apitest.pl: API test failed: Can't connect to xxxxxxxx:443
  INFO Fri Nov  6 14:02:30 2020 HOSTNAME: xxxxxxx, NETAPP MODE: C-mode
  API connection failed!!!

 security login show stor2rrd                                                             
Vserver: xxxxxxx
User/Group                 Authentication                 Acct   Authentication
Name           Application Method        Role Name        Locked Method
-------------- ----------- ------------- ---------------- ------ --------------
stor2rrd       ontapi      password      monitor          no     none
stor2rrd       ssh         password      admin            no     none
stor2rrd       ssh         publickey     admin            -      none



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