adding new san brocade API authorisation NOK

Hi All, 

Added quiet a lot brocade san switch but a few bunch of them fails the API .
I am confused because I used the same method as the rest of the switch and those ones are failing . I guess it is not a firewall issue since the UDP test is OK.

The only error in the error.log is 
Mon Oct 19 07:05:07 2020: File not exist /data/stor2rrd/etc/web_config/alerting.cfg: No such file or directory/data/stor2rrd/bin/Xor : No such file or directory

sanperf out just showing this error 
Operation "ne": no method found,
        left argument in overloaded package JSON::PP::Boolean,
        right argument has no overloaded magic at /data/stor2rrd/bin/ line 175.

API host network connection: UDP connection to x.x.x.x:161 is OK
Crontab test: OK

API authorization: NOK
Mon Oct 19 10:56:13 2020: Got Timeout querying x.x.x.x:161 with public for sysName. /data/stor2rrd/bin/ : 
/usr/bin/snmpwalk -v 2c -c public x.x.x.x
SNMP version  : 2c (default)
Port          : 161 (default)
Timeout       : 5 seconds
Community     : public


  • Same error for me on Xormon. These switches are working on stor2rrd with same settings. I'm trying to move to XorMon and got this error. This stops migration.
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