No visible outpur from ./bin/ for V7000 Gen3

The check command runs but the output lines are all blank, the array does not appear in the GUI either. Has been configured for collection for 4 days. As you can see below it has SSH access the user being used is Administrator". I have other older generation and code levels running successfully for more than a year

Any assistance appreciated.

[lpar2rrd@bne3-0001xorux stor2rrd]$ ./bin/ bne2ds001

[lpar2rrd@bne3-0001xorux stor2rrd]$ ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa bne2ds001 "svcinfo lssystem"
name xxxxxxx1
location local
total_mdisk_capacity 114.9TB
space_in_mdisk_grps 114.9TB
space_allocated_to_vdisks 5.26TB
total_free_space 109.7TB
total_vdiskcopy_capacity 30.00TB
total_used_capacity 4.66TB
total_overallocation 26
total_vdisk_capacity 30.00TB
total_allocated_extent_capacity 5.26TB
statistics_status on
statistics_frequency 5
cluster_locale en_US
time_zone 278 Australia/Brisbane
code_level (build 147.19.2001231603000)


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    edited March 2020
    I 'may' have fixed my own issue by READING THE MANUAL !! I upgraded to the latest XORUX and failed to see the storages is added by the GUI now. I get all greens on connection test so I will reply with the results of that pr0cess in an hour or so
  • Yep DNRTM

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