io_rate-subsys remains empty


We where running version 2.52 and we saw for the newer storwize V5000 systems running code 8.2.1.x that the port statistics remained empty. Thinking that it was maybe related to a bug in 2.52 version, we upgraded to 2.61 but the problem remains.

The stats from the storwize V3700 boxes running code 7.8.x do not suffer from this problem.

After checking the content of the iostats files, i saw that the ones coming from the boxes running 8.2.1.x code had 0 values for the port counters.
Here is the content of the iostats file for iSCSI and IP repliction the same period as the screenshots below:

This doesn't seem to log any related error in stor2rrd logs.

When checking the UI of the Storwize we see well that there is some activity.

This issue seems to only affect the port stats. The volume, mdisks, pool, cpu, drive, ... stats are correct

I think this might be an IBM code related problem.

Does someone have the same issue ? Do we need to adapt some config file to correct the issue ?

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  • Hi,

    well, look like there is some problem with the new firmware and port traffic, we already experienced it with some other user. Waiting for debug data from him right now.

    Could you send us data as well?
    replace <storage name> by your one.

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd

    tar cvhf logs1.tar logs tmp/*txt tmp/*json data/<storage name>/*xml* data/<storage name>/iostats/

    gzip -9 logs1.tar

    Send us logs1.tar.gz via

  • File is uploaded
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