V9000 issues with data collection

Firstly, sorry for my english, it is not my original language, so I used google translator.

Well, I have the free version of your tool to monitor some storags and some nexus switches and brocades, all working perfectly, however our seemingly correct even configured IBM V9000 can't bring data to the web interface.

PS: I'm changing the original storage ip in the information below for company information security standards

In the storage-list.cfg file the storage configuration looks like this: 


When executing the conntest.pl command the answer follows below:
perl /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/conntest.pl 22
  TCP connection to "" on port "22" is ok

Running the ssh command for access testing, the command runs successfully, bringing information from storage

ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa lpar2rrd@ "svcinfo lssystem"
.... total_mdisk_capacity 851.2TB space_in_mdisk_grps 851.2TB space_allocated_to_vdisks 232.96TB total_free_space 618.2TB total_vdiskcopy_capacity 383.00TB total_used_capacity 232.95TB total_overallocation 44 ....
Running the config_check.sh command informs you that the connection is ok.

STORAGE: V9000: SWIZ : sample rate: 60 seconds
  TCP connection to "" on port "22" is ok
  ssh -o ConnectTimeout=80 -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o PreferredAuthentications=publickey -o SendEnv=no lpar2rrd@  "lscurrentuser"
  connection ok
When executing the ./load.sh command the following error is increased on the error logo:
An error occured, check /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/logs/error.log and output of load.sh

$ tail -1 /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/logs/error.log

Wed Sep 25 09:44:48 2019: V9000:VOLUME:top:avrg - no cmd file:/home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/tmp/V9000/VOLUME-top-m.cmd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/volume_inactive.pl:191

in the web administration interface, images are not displayed and an error is displayed:

cmd file does not contain data source files: /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/tmp/V9000/POOL-read_io-d.cmd /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/detail-graph-cgi.pl:4669

By running the grep Frequency  tmp/V9000-conf-last.txt command the following information is displayed.

Performance Statistic Frequency: 1

Already checked here in the forum for several similar problems, I proceeded with the procedures indicated in each post and still still have the same problem. I can not tell if there is an IBM Spectrum Control in my environment, but the error described on this page https://www.stor2rrd.com/TPC.htm I do not identify in my logs.

Do you have any idea what is going on so that the collections are not working?

Thank you all for your help and the amazing tool.


  • Hi,

    do not use 1 minute sample rate, use default 5 minutes

    Then  kill svcper.pl process for that storage
    let it work for an hour, when no progress then send us logs

    Note a short problem description in the text field of the upload form.

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd # or where is your STOR2RRD working dir
    tar cvhf logs.tar logs tmp/*txt
    gzip -9 logs.tar

  • Hi Pavel, 

    Could you please tell me the log file upload link. I did the process indicated, and it had no effect.

    Thank you very much
  • Note a short problem description in the text field of the upload form.

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd # or where is your STOR2RRD working dir
    tar cvhf logs.tar logs tmp/*txt
    gzip -9 logs.tar

    Send us logs.tar.gz via https://upload.stor2rrd.com
  • Hi Pavel,

    File submitted by the indicated site.

  • rafaelrcar
    edited September 2019

    Hello everyone,

    Issue resolved, in the environment the Spectrum Control application existed and the data collection schedule was set to collect every one minute.

    I changed the setting so that the collection was performed every 5 minutes, waited an hour as indicated by Pavel and the graphs began to be displayed.

    Thank you all.
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