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Good day.

We have Lenovo ThinkSystem DE6000H.

This storage array is the OEM version of NetApp E5724 (NetApp E-series).
It seems that all DE****H/F are NetApp E/EF-series storages.

I think it should be simple enough to add support for this type of storage arrays.

I've followed instruction for NetApp E/EF-series and managed to install Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage Manager for Linux for DE Series, made some symlinks to have the same directory structure, changed directories/files permissions/owner.

And it seems to work almost OK beside one issue.
It tries to use the execute command "show hostTopology" whilst it is deprecated. So I had to make a dirty fix in the source code to make it work (ds5perf.pl).

So, it would be nice to have official support for this type of storage arrays.

Thank you.

        [lpar2rrd@*** bin]$ ./config_check.sh
        STORAGE: DE6000H-1: DS5K
        /usr/bin/SMcli -n DE6000H-1 -e -c "show hostTopology;" 2>/dev/null
        Executing script...

        The command at line 1 is deprecated. Use the command "show storageArray hostTopology;".
        Script execution complete.

        SMcli completed successfully.

          connection OK


  • Hi,

    it should work even without your changes, our code checks if "show hostTopology;" is available, if not then it should skip it.

    Send us logs pls:

    Note a short problem description in the text field of the upload form.

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd # or where is your STOR2RRD working dir
    tar cvhf logs.tar logs tmp/*txt
    gzip -9 logs.tar

    Send us logs.tar.gz via https://upload.stor2rrd.com

  • Pavel, you're right (obviously? :))

    Maybe, I had some other issues (with permissions/owners of SMcli), that's why I had some troubles earlier.

    I reverted changes back and all works correctly.

    Thank you.
    But if STOR2RRD will have official support for this type of storage arrays, it is better :)
  • Hi,

    when it is netApp re-brand how it relly looks like  then it is officially supported.
    I have already put that into our web :)

    can you review install docu on https://www.stor2rrd.com/Lenovo-Storwize-S3200-S2200-monitoring.htm --> DE Series
    Is everything ok for that storage type?
    I mean SMcli install, SMcli paths etc?
    Where have you downloaded storage manager exactly?


  • NoOne
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    >> I have already put that into our web

    Good news! :) Thank you.

    Some fixes for the documentation:

    1. "AIX prerequisites" - I'm not sure if it is available for AIX.
    Install SMcli under root user :

    # chmod 775 lnvgy_utl_storagemanager_11.52.0A54.0003_linux_x86-64.bin
    # ./lnvgy_utl_storagemanager_11.52.0A54.0003_linux_x86-64.bin  -i console
    Select Installation Type

    Please choose the Install Set to be installed by this installer.

      ->1- Typical (Full Installation)
        2- Management Station
        3- Host

        4- Customize...

       : 2

    Installation Complete

    Congratulations. Lenovo ThinkSystem Storage Manager has been successfully
    installed to:


    # ls -lL /usr/bin/SMcli
      -r-x------ 1 root root 996 May 17 21:10 /usr/bin/SMcli

    Note that the correct path is /opt/ThinkSystem/SMgr

    # /opt/ThinkSystem/SMgr/client/SMmonitor stop 
    # chkconfig --list SMmonitor 
    # chkconfig --level 2345 SMmonitor off 
      # rm -f /etc/rc2.d/S99SMmonitor /etc/rc.d/init.d/SMmonitor
    Allow user stor2rrd run SMcli API (lpar2rrd user on Virtual Appliance)
    Under root execute following:
    # rm -f /var/opt/SM/emwdata_v04_bin.lock /var/opt/SM/pref_01_bin.lock /var/opt/SM/PMServer.lock
    # chown stor2rrd /opt/ThinkSystem/SMgr/client/SMcli /var/opt/SM/prefbackup_01.bin
    # chown stor2rrd /var/opt/SM/emwback_v04.bin /var/opt/SM /var/opt/SM/emwdata_v04.bin
    # chown stor2rrd /var/opt/SM /var/opt/SM/pref_01.bin
    # chmod -f 644 /opt/ThinkSystem/SMgr/jre/lib/security/java.security /usr/SMruntime/jre/lib/security/java.security
    # chmod -f 755 /opt/ThinkSystem/SMgr/client/lib/*
    Allow "The legacy management interface" via ThinkSystem System Manager (it is necessary only on some firmare releases)
    (and new screenshot for you, attached to this post)

    6. Download links:
    General download page for Lenovo DE6000H

    Unfortunately, download is not available for free, you need S/N.
    If you need a binary installer, contact me in private messages. I will think, how can I help you.

    That's it. The documentation seems good for me.

    I've removed SMcli, removed all old files and followed the new instruction and all is working fine.

    Currently, DE6000H is not in production use, so my graphs have very few data (just one host, few LUNs). But I can see spikes for some graphs while testing. So, I think all is fine (again) :)
  • thanks, docu is updated.
  • One more thing, that I have overlooked:

    In case of any problem check Install logs in /opt/ThinkSystem/SMgr/InstallLogs or /opt/InstallLogs

    Please, correct the first directory and maybe delete the second one - I can't find it in my installation.

  • fixed, thanks
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