SVC (version 8.1.11) : capacity not displayed

we are currently evaluate Stor2rrd to monitor all our storages. All is ok except the capacity for our SVC.
This SVC consists in 2 io groups (so 4 node). When I check the total capacity, the SVC is present but the value is 0 for total, 0 for used...If click on the capacity menu for this SVC, the page is loading but nothing is displayed.
If I click on configuration, no problem, I can see Space in Pools,Total Free_space,...can you help me?
Best Regards


  • Hi,

    we register a little bug in the latest 2.52 with Tier capacity graphs, but this does not sound like that.
    Can you try to upgrade to the latest code anyway?
    if the issue persist we will investigate further.

    wait an hour after upgrade, let us know.

  • Hello Pavel,
    the patch doesn't correct my issue.
    Above you can see some screen shots
    I also notice, that there is some missing value for the IO.
    I have another SVC (but smaller), a I have no issue
    Best Regrds
  • Now It's work, but I need to wait more than 30 minutes after clicking on the capacity of the related to the number of  pool or capacity ?
  • All is ok now...many thanks for your help...good job
  • capacity data needs an hour to apear in the UI.

    BTW I see in Pool IO only a few peeks? is that something expected or would you expect more countinuos IO load.
  • Hello, now even IO are correctly displayed...after 1 hour all our stats are has expected...Many thanks for you help
  • ok, there was a bug affecting under some circumstances more nodes SVC clusters, it has been fixed recently.
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