Flash Copy Stopped Alert - Non-Remote Copy

Good morning, we had reported receiving a number of alerts on Flash Copies being stopped when associated with a Remote Copy.  Thank you for the work around to stop alerting on this.

Now we have received alerts on Flash Copies being stopped when not associated with Remote Copy.  The server team (iSeries) does a Flash Copy from live volumes to test volumes.  When the backup finishes it enters the stopped state, and if Stor2RRD happens to polling the array; we get paged.

STOR2RRD Copy Services Error for device gcmilton7kmg


Thank you, Zach.


  • Hi,

    from our side it might be good when they are stopped, we alerting it.
    What do you suggest?
  • Granular alerting would be great.  On this array, for this (these) volumes, don't alert on X.  Or being able to set alert windows.  Or allow changing of Flash Copy stopped to warning.  Etc...  Thank you, Zach.
  • Sorry, it does not sound like a general solution ...
  • No worries.  We are working with our on-call solution to see about filtering at that level.  Thank you, Zach.
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