Stor3rrd 1.35 fails to update healthy status correctly for SVC

We had an Storwize 7K that rebooted a node yesterday.  The SVC health status shows healthy and all event have been acknowledged.  I have killed all svc processes and restarted as well as have attempted to move off the nok and see if it recreates on ok file.

Contents of the nok are the following:
STORAGE : ANT_Storwize_2 : NOT_OK : 1490199636

The date on the file shows when it tripped over:
-rw-r--r-- 1 stor2rrd stor2rrd 46 Mar 22 12:20 ANT_Storwize_2.nok

Any thought on how to get this working as designed?   We count on the health section to be correct and current for quick assessment of the environment.



  • Hi,

    this is a bug fixed in 1.35-1 version.
    Upgrade to that (it is the latest version available), it will fix it definitelly.
  • Pavel, 

    Thanks, I thought that I was on 1.35-1 but wasn't and you are correct that fixed it on the first iterative.

    This is a great product and it has been a hit with us.

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