Stor2rrd docker image has problems with rrdtool 1.8.0 version


In docker image for stor2rrd the rrdtool package segfault.

From CLI in image:

9bc0cbf700d4:/tmp# rrdtool

RRDtool 1.8.0 Copyright by Tobias Oetiker <>

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Starting docker:

stor2rrd-test2 | Warning: increase stack ulimit for stor2rrd user, it is actually too low (8192 kB)

stor2rrd-test2 | Assure that the same limits has even the web user (apache/nobody/http)

stor2rrd-test2 |  under root: vi /etc/security/limits.conf and set 512 MB

stor2rrd-test2 |   @stor2rrd    hard  stack      524288

stor2rrd-test2 |   @stor2rrd    soft  stack      524288

stor2rrd-test2 | Segmentation fault (core dumped)

stor2rrd-test2 | Segmentation fault (core dumped)

stor2rrd-test2 | Condider RRDtool upgrade to version 1.3.5+ (actual one is 1.8.0)

stor2rrd-test2  | This will allow graph zooming:

stor2rrd-test2 |

stor2rrd-test2 | ./scripts/./ line 1158: rpm: not found

I tested with old version (1.7.2-r6) and all is ok.


  • We've just pushed new docker images, it's using older rrdtool which seems to work properly. 

    Thanks for reporting, we'll inform Alpine Linux package maintainer. 

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