Dashboard - loss of configurability

So I noticed this with the beta but is there a reason that once we add a graph to the either the Favorites or the Global dashboard that we can't control the layout and size of the boxes that the graphs are in?  On lpar2rrd and stor2rrd I setup the layouts in very specific manners horizontally ordering the graphs in a particular order.

On Xormon I can resize the graphs but I can't reorder them or change the layout of how they end up on the Favorites or the Global screen except to build them in exactly the same order.

Interested in any ideas/options.  I do like the fact that all of the data is now in the same place and I can compare what my vmware infrastructure says about storage to what the storage says. 



  • You should be able to change graph group width. If graph doesn't fit the group width, it is positioned below.
    In LPAR2RRD/STOR2RRD you can change also height of graph group, but it isn't persisted anyway.
  • Looks like there is a difference in level of stupid of chrome vs firefox.   I can resize things in Chrome but not in FF. I will play with is some more and see if I can come up with a more reproducible set of conditions
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