Load problem new CU:ldev created and masked

I have a problem to load(update) a new cu:ldev created in the specific dir and in the storage items dashboard.
for example i see all ldev create on CU 20:  but i don't see the ldev create on CU 23: and 2A:.
there's any config file to update the new cu or what can be the problem?

the storage is a VSPG and the load .sh start every 5min in cron

available for any questions

thanks and regards


  • Hi,

    do you have enabled monitoring of all CUs?

  • I Pavel,
    thank you very much for your support and i allow monitoring of the new CU  and now it works.

    I have another curiosity about this case, after allowed the new CU last friday, the first load in cron had "discovered" the new cu:ldev under this path:


    but the web browser it didn't show them to me and the file /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/data/VSPG-XXXXXX/VOLUME/volumes.col is not updated with new cu:ldev.

    today, when i check it, the browser and volume.col file are corrected and updated with a new cu:ldev.

    is correct that data items are updated the day after?
    if is correct, there's a way to update manually the data items by cli?

    thanks and regards again
  • it should be updated in an hour usually , you could try Ctrl-F5 after an hour.
    When it does not happen then in the works case the midnight back-end processing recognizes it.
  • great  :)

    thank you
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