We installed the rrdtool and the perl (including modules) with perzl packages (on AIX) some time ago.
We would like to change to the esstoolbox (aixtoolbox) RPMS from IBM and use dnf (yum).

Is it possible to remove all perl and rrdtool RPMs and install afterwards the IBM rpms as described here?

Is there something to concern about?
Has someone else done it before?


  • Hi,

    yep, it generally works, we adviced that already several users, however it might not be so easy due to Perl paths (PERL5LIB setup) which depends on Perl version and dependecy packages  versions.

    You can go ahead, we are ready to help you, but expect a down time for a few days if it does not work immediatelly and you need our help, there is not unfortunatelly general solution how to set it up in compare to Linux where there is no problems at all.

  • Hi Pavel

    Had to fight with the PERL5LIB but eventually it worked.
    Thanks Stefan
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