Issue to graph some Fabrics with the version 2.31.1

Hi everyone

we have an issue with the version 2.31, we are not able anymore to have any graph with fabrics "Brocade DCX8510-4"
It's works with Fabrics "Brocade 6505".

The issue is appeared when we have upgraded from the version 2.20.Just to be clear, with the version 2.20 everything works fine.
I have tested a fresh install of the version 2.31 and we have the same problem, KO with DCX8510 and OK with 6505

The difference between DCX8510 and 6505 is that the DCX have 3 Virtual Fabrics

Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    what do you see in the fabric graphs? Only physical fabrics? Virtual fabrics are missing there? Do you see "Configuration" tab in the fabric view?

    Please send us some screenshots.
  • Yes i can see only Physical fabrics. Nothing about Virtual Fabrics
    I have send you screenshots

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