i OS agent tabs disappear after integrating unmanaged frames

We have been working to roll our IBM i Series frames into our LPAR2RRD monitoring. When we did the initial build, all the frames came up under the Unmanaged tab and all of the graph tabs were present and reporting. As we worked through the integration process, we were able to have the frames show up under the Server tab, but now we see only the CPU graph tab.

The issue only exists with the i OS frames. Our AIX frames are graphing normally. What do we need to do to get the full set of i OS agent graphs back?

The LPAR2RRD server is running on AIX 7.2 and the most current version of LPAR2RRD.

Keith Barth


  • Hi,

    ok, you see your IBM i lpars under servers (just CPU tab) and the rest is under unmanaged, right?
    It happened because you have attached IBM iOS agents before HMC was attached.

    I think we have already fixed it, try the latest version, if that does not help then we will let you know how to fix data manually.
    Upgrade it and let it run though the midnight (the first run after the midnight should fix it). Then Ctrl-F5.

  • Is that version noted here the full version (we have licensing for the full version) or is it the free version? I want to make sure I am installing the correct supported version.

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