Migrated to new frames and HMCs. Client data no longer showing up.

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On the weekend, we migrated all our LPARs to a new set of P8s and HMCs.  LPAR2RRD (6.02)  is configured to query the new HMCs and that works fine, getting CPU results back.  The LPARs all have the clients installed on them (right now a mixture of versions until we get them all upgraded), and the data is getting to LPAR2RRD, but not getting loaded into the proper area.   Looking at the console, I don't see any NMON data, but on the server side, in the data folder, I see the folders for both HMCs, and a third labeled "no_hmc".  The nmon data is ending up in that location, instead of under the proper HMC folders, resulting in no graphs.

As a test, I moved the NMON data into the HMC folders and re-ran a load, and the data populated fine, but no new data is arriving as it is still going into the no_hmc folder.

Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    I think I know what happened.
    You have at first migrated your LPARs and after that you have attached new HMCs to lpar2rrd server.
    This situation is not properly handled, usually HMCs are connected first.
    Anyway, we have a fix for that just from last week.

    Upgrade to this version, when it is not fixed immediately then it might be fixed after the midnight run.
    Check it tomorrow and let us know.

  • Wow, that was fast.  Thanks!  I'll get on it.
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