Wrong Nmon Records Graph

On our environment we use nmon record files (instead native agent).
Today we found one lpar that its "Paging 2" tab / graph , was not right.  (ie: real paging is 15% , and graphs showing only 5%)
So, for test purposes , we started graphing with the agent script as well: Agent is working right, its shows the real paging space being used.

We ugpraded to Version 6.0 (around 2 weeks ago)
So far its the only lpar where we find this issue. 


  • Hi,

    on the agent side:
    1. lsps -s
    2. tail /var/tmp/lpar2rrd*txt # the one file doew not contain "ps"
    3. daily graph

  • Hi Pavel, for some unknown reason to me, last saturday at around 00:00hs , the graphs got fixed. It now shows the correct paging space being used (lsps , nmon, agent, etc, it all matches) , which is ~20%

    Now, I don't see any point in sending the info you requested, since its working fine.
    Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this lpar, if this "anomaly" re-surface in the future, I'll update this post or open a new one.
    Thank you very much for help though .
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