Multiple client data errors "not a simple unsigned integer"


We are seeing many clients (AIX), not transferring. LPAR2RRD v5.7 rrdtool
Fri Jan  4 14:16:38 2019: Client communication failed - client:  ( ERROR: /opt/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/data/<server>/<HMC>/<VIO>/san-sissas0.mmm: not a simple unsigned integer: '0.0' at /opt/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/bin/ line 1067.  :

Not always the same stat, also san-vscsi0.mmm, across several clients (mainly VIO servers), yet the other VIO is fine.

Am I missing an option. We have 2 instances one is fine, the other suffers this problem.



  • Example of data that fails from client

    8286-42A*782C51X:<host>:15:1543785540:Sun Dec  2 21:19:00 2018 version 5.05-8:3525000000|4:<host>:0::mem:::50331648:42848432:7483216:5685804:0:988556:pgs:::3104134:4322169:20992:4:::lan:en0:

    The 89.4 filed is the one in all occasions. Seems lpar2rrd thinks this has to be an integer
  • You have upgraded the agent on the higher release than was (is) lpar2rrd server which does not support some SAN/SAS data.

    What is LPAR2RRD server version?
  • Thanks for the reply

    head lpar2rrd.cfg
    # LPAR2RRD main configuration file
    # LPAR2RRD home :

    (client) rpm -qa

  • ok, rrdtool file could be created already by older server version not compatible with newer agent.
    Remove that file, it will be re-created, then all hist data since 2nd Dec will be loaded..

    remove even other adapters san-sissas1,2,3... for that vios server like in this example:
    rm /opt/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd/data/<server>/<HMC>/<VIO>/san-sissas*.mmm

  • Hi Pavel,

    Thanks for this, it seems to have worked.

    So my next question is : is it possible to merge 2 LPAR2RRD instances into one ? Now both our instances are on 5.07, is there a procedure to easily move and combine instances ? The idea would be to have a new server host the new website, maybe on the new version (still in beta ?) of LPAR2RRD ?

    Phil P
  • Hi,

    1. attach all HMCs on the target instance
    2. copy over data directory (use tar, not cp due to used hardlinks)
    3. ./

    Ctrl-F5 in the UI

    Make backup at first :)
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