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  • That works! thanks!
  • I've already uploaded the logs to improve analysis, because the solutions are not working. Thanks in advance, Regards.
  • Hi Lukas, Thanks for your answer, Yes, I created the files: [lpar2rrd@xorux logs]$ ls -l /etc/horcm*-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 191 Nov 7 12:27 /etc/horcm1.conf-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 189 Nov 7 12:47 /etc/horcm2.conf Regards.
  • Hi Pavel, I cannot start horc2, but I have another running: lpar2rrd 6960 1 0 16:40 ? 00:00:00 horcmd_01 /HORCM/usr/bin/ 2starting HORCM inst 2HORCM inst 2 has failed to start. *********** SYSTEM ERROR ***********P.P. : RAID Manager for LinuxModel : RAID-Manager/LinuxVer&Rev: 01-49-03/00Release: Production(GA)…
  • I've never had issue with any version. It just happens with 6.10. So the UUID was get without issues in version 6.02 We have 5 lpars with the same configuration, but worked in 1 lpar. The others had 'agent timed out after : 50 seconds' message. It was "hanged" during a day until I change version consuming high CPU Yes, 10k…
  • Yes I saw that command in ps - ef executed by lpar2rrd, randomly in all disks. but we have a lot of disks, i.e 9665 disks in 1 lpar. The issue was during 24hs so I decided to downgrade to 6.02 to avoid CPU consumption on production machines. This version is working properly.

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