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  • Years ago we had an issue with that, and after the switch to bna api everything turns fine. Additional we did not get 161 through the firewall, but that was OK as we can use BNA. Stor2rrd-Server -> BNA -> snmp -> Switch was allowed. 
  • Thx 4Info. So our Journey ends. BNA ist EOL/EOSL end of this month. Direct access vir SNMP kicks our CPU to >50%. Thanks for that great tool. 
  •  <3 Thanks
  • In my second environment ist 161 blocked. 2 systems hard restricted network. I got a new "problem". After my test with cloning a device i see in the "Health" page a System***cloned. That was i name i used, thats OK. But the device ist deleted, its not more there. But on the healthPage its gray and listet. No folders left…
  • Yes. I reconfigured to CLI and see CLI Tab with NOK Question: Is it possible to disable SNMP/HealthCheck complete? If i empty the SNMP Part the check.sh script request Health Check and say "Not OK". I like to disabled it complete, if possible., 
  • Hi, yes, i see the some problem but not the source of that. As an example. "CCI configuration is NOK. The last successful configuration was performed Thu Jul 16 03:56:22 2020" System was green. I don't know exactly when the graphic turned red. However, CCI with "check...." seem to be completely OK. 
  • Hi, I have solved it with a parallel instance. As an example. horcm100.conf with all the normal stuff horcm500 .conf has only the cmd devices as in horcm100 and stor2rrd can start them. Horcm100 starts every other user with sudo. Both run, both can work. 
  • Just a question pls. We get it to work with user "stor2rrd". But all other admin cant work with raidcom. Do you have an idea how we can get that to work or is that a typical Raidcom limitation. We startet it as "stor2rrd"m it running. 
  • Thanks! I know, its not possible without logs. We cant get it to work again. After a reboot user stor2rrd cant start horcm-instance. We have worked through the manual twice, everything looks ok. Every normal user can start horcm - stor2rrd cant. "failed to start" with a horcmstart.sh....no logs found why. Regards
  • Just a question from my Linux Guy. USE_OLD_IOCT is correct (from your failure site)? Its not a typo? Hitachi talks USE_OLD_IOCTL in the HowTos. touch /HORCM/etc/USE_OLD_IOCT&#13;https://stor2rrd.com/Hitachi-CCI-Export-Tool_troubleshooting.php&#13;&#13;We use G1500, non of the Rest-Api Hardware :(
  • OK, Thanks. Unfotunatly store2rrd is on that group, but it cant start the horms. "Cant attach".... Unfortunaltly 2....i cant upload failure. Have to try arround. Thanks
  • I find a problem, but did not find the part in Troubleshooting. Looks like my command devices are not owned by stor2rrd. Im pretty sure i have read the troubleshooting sometimes bevor....but i cant find it anymore. How can i be safe that cmd-devs are owned by stor32rrd after a reboot?
  • Hi, all of them are allowed (CU Range 00:**). Problem, i cant send data of this 2 systems because they are restricted. Will double check that. Regards
  • Looks like...Custom did not see the custom group. Sorry for blanking. F2 = Custom_Group2. Then comes a group ending with **00. No line from the Custom group with the luns. creating custom: ****-F2:loss_sync:wcreating custom: ****-F2:loss_sync:mcreating custom: ****-F2:loss_sync:ycreating custom:…
  • Just a question after a while. After some month i cant set custom groups. Is that right so? VOLUME:sys1:00\:70\:74:clusterXVOLUME:sys1:00\:70\:75:clusterXVOLUME:sys2:00\:70\:74:clusterXVOLUME:sys2:00\:70\:75:clusterX The custom group is empty. SAN works perfect with custom groups. Its hitachi
  • I just do that on the same day. Still no volume names. 
  • Thanks again for that great tool. A little confusing, and im not sure that this is a Chrome problem? As example, im check a LUN and close the browser. At the next start of accessing stor2rrd it jumped with the urla to the last posistion. So i have to close all menuuse and so on. Exit with:…
  • Hmmm. Did not work. But i found that in the Logs. Never delete that file. Wed Mar 25 00:06:14 2020: XXXXXXX FILE /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/data/XXXXXXX/HOST/hosts.cfg does not exist : No such file or directory /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/top.pl:1355Wed Mar 25 00:06:13 2020: XXXXXXX FILE…
  • I do this yesterday but up today there is no new "config*.touch" file. Will try it again
  • Thanks. Havent find that page bevor. Fair Deal. Thanks !!!
  • Ahhh. OK, thats OK. In my environment it is the best way through BNA. With direct access i get CPU load in the switch arround 50-70% (depends on the model). In your Demo? Is there an example? I click trough 5 oder 6 and did not find any ;) regards
  • I got it. Which of your demo shown how that shoudl look? We have CMCNE/BNA as SAN Source and some HDS G**** Systemes. I see only "Haven't been found any SAN connections for this storage" regards
  • Hi, OK. As is said in the mail. Its not possible to install some external modules (by some internal rules). Additional i have no glue whcih to take for SLES 12....and i like my job :D Dosent matter, we have to live without that. Thanks
  • Hmmm. Did not work. system:~ # rpm -qa| grep Want system:~ # zypper in perlLoading repository data...Reading installed packages...'perl' is already installed.No update candidate for 'perl-5.18.2-12.14.1.x86_64'. The highest available version is already installed.Resolving package dependencies... Nothing to do.
  • Hmm. Thx. Will try that on Tuesday. Im on Suse and a zypper search dosent find anything with "Want".
  • Just an additional question. Wat is the "Want" Module? Its from the gui Can't locate Want.pm in @INC (you may need to install the Want module) (@INC contains: ../bin /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd/bin /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_
  • Im confused. In the GUI under "SAN Switches" i can setup a BNA (now i have 2 entrys, one is disabled) But this is not the BNA who is configured in san-list.cfg
  • I try it (not sure what WStoken should be) and get no output after that. 
  • Will try it. But i dont understand that behavior. We are using 14.4.3 lomger than that and the cpu stats are shown. Hmmmm. It is not so important, because all the other things are good
  • Hmmm. Not in the BNA. But we did not change the system or Software i guess. 14.4.3 we using

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