One of two VSP 5500H array not showing up in web interface

I have added two VSP 5500H arrays to stor2rrd. The config check shows that both are working. In the main health status I can see both arrays. However, there is nothing else for the one array. I have tried a manual as well as HTML but I cannot get the array to show up on the menu.


  • The array is now showing up but even though it seems to be collecting some data, other graphs are not showing and new volumes being created are not pitching up.

    @Karel @Pavel Please let me know if you want me to upload logs or anyt further information

  • Hello,

    Send us logs.

    Note a short problem description in the text field of the upload form.

    cd /home/stor2rrd/stor2rrd # or where is your STOR2RRD working dir

    tar cvhf logs.tar logs tmp/*txt

    gzip -9 logs.tar

    Send us logs.tar.gz via

    You might even attach screenshots when it helps in understanding of the issue.

    Thank you

  • Thank you. I have submitted an upload with a description for G5K
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