VSP G600 - SNMP Context cannot be specified on stor2rrd


I'm trying to configure stor2rrd v2.71 to collect SNMP traps from VSP G600.

SNMP agent on that storage has SNMP context set and the connection test fails because passphrase chosen is below the length requirements of the USM apparently (I'm using SNMP v3 AuthPriv).

The passphrase and the encrytion key meet the required lenght.

I've opened a case to Hitachi support and they answer to me that it's mandatory to set SNMP context in the snmpwalk command by using -n option.

In the storage configuration form there isn't a field to specify the SNMP context and Hitachi said to me that the context can't be blanked from SNMP agent. 

Does anybody know if there is a workaround to set or pass SNMP context in stor2rrd?



  • Hi,

    at first, it is not about Traps. We do SNMP get to pool regulary storage event log.

    Why is mandatory SNMP context? We do not use it, it works for everyone without it.

  • Hi Pavel,

    let me to explain a bit more...

    I had defined VSP G600 to use horcm facility and this works fine, that is Stor2rrd collects performance and capacity information.

    I need to use SNMP v3 for two reasons.
    The first one is to get storage health and the second is because that storage has NAS heads embedded and I need to collect information capacity regarding NAS FS and virtual volumes. 

    Please take a look to the answer given by Hitachi support...

    Since this is a Unified NAS model, there's some specific architecture where the embedded OS on the controllers has to distinguish between the storage subsystem and the NAS system.  Due to this, the ContextID is required.

  • Hi,

    ok, this must be implemented, it does not sound like a big deal, rather small enhancement.

    Just a question, is not that HNAS? There we use snmp for NAS stats.
    It is supported by stor2rrd but even there we do not need to set Context.

  • Hi,

    I was thinking to define also HNAS entry but if you take a look to stor2rrd documentation you can read that SNMP configuration has to be done on the SMU.
    Unfortunately if I try to define SNMP parameters on the SMU the web interface redirects to Alert Notification inside Maintenance Utility on the SVP of the VSP G600 where the SNMP context is set, so I come back to the original issue.
  • well, I do not understand that fully, no big experience with HNAS, however, do you think that even for HNAS you need to have possibility to set snmp context in stor2rrd cfg?
    Would that resolve the issue?
  • Hi,

    Yes I think so but I think also that the possibility to set the context is useful in general for all the devices for which SNMP fields can be populated because snmpwalk gives the possibility to specify it through -n option.

    When do you think this enhancement will be implemented at least for VSP Gx00 and HNAS?

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    we will implement it for VSPG/HNAS only so far, give us a week.
    We will contact you regarding of testion that.
  • Hi,

    upgrade to this version, context is implemented ther for VSPG/HNAS

  • Hi Pavel,

    the upgrade works fine.

    Many thanks.
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