HMC occuring twice in HMC totals

We've recently changed a HMC in our LPAR2RRD-config.
To avoid DNS-problems we changed the IP/host-value from an DNS-Entry (same as the current Alias) into an IP-Adresse.
There might be a bug:
the HMC appeared a second time with the IP-adress though we did not change the alias at any time.
Even after changing the host/ip.entry back to the DNS-name it's still here.
Any chance to remove it? Rebuilding GUI did not work.


  • Hi,

    yes, HMC is always saved under its alias name, in yoru case once as IP and once as a hostname.
    You can remove it by:
    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
    rm -r data/*/<HMC name alias>

    List it before like
    ls -ld data/*/<HMC name alias>

    After that:
    ./ html

    Ctrl-F5 in the UI

  • Well, I needed to remove the directory which name was the IP-adress, this worked.
    I've never uswd the ip-adress as alias.

    There is another directory "--HMC--{alias}", is this the CLI-data?
    I've checked both REST-API and CLI/SSH - which is better?
    From my point of view CLI delivers more information, is that true?

  • Hi,

    you can remove even
    rm -- --HMC....

    REST API provides more data,
    - adapter (lan/san/sriov) performance data
    - more configuration data
  • Thankyou
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