Problem after install 2.40

After September 26, I start to lose samples on my chart.
My setting (sample rate) is set to 1 minute.

I also start to receive this error on my SVC : Failed to transfer file from remote node

Please help.


  • Hi,

    The error ID 980440 "Failed to transfer file from remote node"  is normally logged when attempting to copy a file which was just removed from a remote node.

    there is not too much to do from our side apart of incresing sample rate frequency.

    1. Has that really happened right after stor2rrd upgrade?
    What was original stor2rrd version?

    2. Do you monitor that storage even via TPC?

    3. do you really use 1 minute samples? Do you se 1 minute data when you zoom a graph? We do not generally recomend it.
  • Hi,
    1: Stor2rrd-2.31-1
    2: No
    3: Yes, so you recommand to change it to 5 min? Can I put 3 min? If I change I lose all historic sample?

    thank you

  • 5 minutes,
    you will not lose hist data
    just change line like that (last parameter is sample rate, you shold have there 1)
    in etc/storage-list.cfg

    or leave it blank, default is 5, defined globally  in etc/stor2rrd.cfg  in seconds

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