Import and Export Data


is it possible to export the collected data from a System i and then import it to another system i to display that data?

The reason is, that we want to collect data from one System i that's not in the same network as the server and then use another system i to make it visible?

What files would I need to export/import?


  • Hello,

    do you need to use some lpar2rrd instance as a proxy one and pass data further to the target lpar2rrd instance which has no direct connection to the IBM i?

    is that about HMC data or IBM i OS agent data?

    1. IBM i OS agent:
    Basically depends how often you want to sync it.
    - If once a week/month or even day, then this could be relatively easily done by some script.
    - On-line feeding (proxying) is not implemented, however not impossible :)

    2. HMC data:
    this is a bit complicated now, it will be alowed or better easy to implement once we implement&release REST API HMC access (Sep 2018??)

    point 1: we could implement it only if this is a customer request.
    point 2: no way at the moment

  • Hello Pavel,

    we want to let the IBM i OS Agent run for a while (like a month), then backup the data to tape and bring it to the other location where we install it on a different IBM i partition and display the data on the LPAR2RRD server on that location.
  • ok, than this should be easy.

    after 1 month get this data from all IBM i agents from lpar2rrd server instance on customer side
    cd /home/lpar2rrd/lpar2rrd
    tar cvf ibmi.tar data/*/*/*--AS400--

    get ibmi.tar, and extract in on your own lpar2rrd instance.
    ./ html
    Ctrl-F5 in the web browser.

    this should work

    getting directly data from IBMi partitions is not possible, customer must have installed and running lpar2rrd server.
  • Ok, thanks a lot. So basically we have to install a lpar2rrd server on customer side. We see what we can do.
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