Storwize V5010 with Code Level not working


maybe I need new glasses but I was not able to find an answer for my problem.
I am just in testing STOR2RRD (appliance on vmware) with a brand new IBM V5010 that already has been updated to code level

Even after an hour of waiting I cannot see the storage listed. Two also attached brocade fc switches work fine. So it seems like a problem with the storage and not the appliance itself. The script says "ok" for the storage.

In the error log I see:

scp: /dumps/svc.config.cron.xml_7814T08-2: No such file or directory ERROR: Command "scp -i /home/lpar2rrd/.ssh/id_rsa  lpar2rrd@ /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/data/v5010" failed.

This line repeats in the log.

The output log tells me the following:

/home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/ 2018-01-17_17:15 : Command ends with return code 1

Wed Jan 17 17:20:02 2018 - INFO    - H/W type, iostats dumps file name (Storwize V7000): dump_name.

Wed Jan 17 17:20:02 2018 - INFO    - H/W type, iostats dumps file name (Storwize V7000): dump_name.

Wed Jan 17 17:20:03 2018 - INFO    - Front panel ID/Dump name: 7814T08-2

Wed Jan 17 17:20:03 2018 - INFO    - node: 2 ID: 7814T08-2 XML filename name: svc.config.cron.xml_7814T08-2

Wed Jan 17 17:20:03 2018 - INFO    - scp -i /home/stor2rrd/.ssh/id_rsa  lpar2rrd@ /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/data/v5010/svc.config.cron.xml_7814T08-2

Any suggestions on that? Code level? Something I am missing?

Best regards,

Andreas from Bremen, Germany


  • Hi,

    can you try it manually?

    su - lpar2rrd
    scp -i /home/stor2rrd/.ssh/id_rsa  lpar2rrd@ /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/data/v5010/svc.config.cron.xml_7814T08-2

    can you check if /dumps/svc.config.cron.xml_7814T08-2  exist on the storage?

  • Hi,
    i will be able to access the system tomorrow morning 9 am (GMT+1). I will then try and update the post.

  • Hi,

    I tested your commands before opening the stor2rrd website again... and they work.
    After that I had a look at the monitoring dashboard ... and the V5010 is listed.

    Looking at the audit log of the storwize, it seems that at around 00:01 the system copied the necessary files:

    "18.01.18 00:01:06",admin,"satask cpfiles -prefix /dumps/svc.config.cron.*_7814T08-2 -source 01-2 01-1 ",

    And after that the lpar2rrd user started the stats intervall:

    "18.01.18 00:01:27",lpar2rrd,"svctask startstats -interval 5",

    Is this a behavior of the new storwize code or could that have happened with older code levels as well? I never saw this behavior before with a storwize storage. They sometimes need a minute ... but not hours.

  • Hi,

    I see for the first time, I have no explanation ...
    As per your previous logs xml file was not /dumps/svc.config.cron.xml_7814T08-2 file on the storage. Hard to say why ...
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