User Management - ACL for SAN objects


I'm having a problem in setting up an ACL for SAN; here are my steps:
- I define a group and save
- go under ACL -> select the new Group -> select SAN object and Save

I move around and go back to ACL -> select the previous group and there is no object assigned to it.

No problem when I select the storage objects.

Am I missing something?


  • Hello,
    SAN switch enables/disables all SAN, you cannot set permission for single SAN objects.

  • Thanks, but I think you misunderstood me: I want to create a user and grant him rights to Storage and SAN.

    The problem is: the said user will not see any of the SAN switches, because the SAN option 'de-selects' itself from the user's profile, even if it was present at the time when I saved the said profile.
  • Hello,

    we need some files for debugging - can you please send us:

    Please use our upload service: and note a short problem description in the text field of the upload form.


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