SC series (Compellent)


Anyone  willing to test beta of dell Compellent? It is already available.


  • i have tested but i getting error on adding the storage to stor2rrd.
    i tried direct access api url, there is error invalid session cookie.
    here detail error for execute command ./ and access API access

  • hi,

    looks like capacity per pool and volume folder will not work correctly.
    What is your storage firmware level?
    Can you confirm that apart of capacity all is working?
  • Hi,

    I'm also testing the compellent - in this case DELL sc4020's with

    Data Collector Information


    Linux appliance from Dell - I'm not getting very far at all - my output from

    Version of lpar2rrd/stor2rrd is the latest 2.20 appliance

    is as follows:

    Connection to "" on port "3033" is ok
    /usr/bin/perl /home/lpar2rrd/stor2rrd/bin/ "lpar2rrd" XXXXX "" "3033"
    ERROR: Login to API failed :
    <html><head><title>Error</title></head><body>Unauthorized</body></html> :

      connection failed!!Cookie is not defined! :

    If any idea's - pls share.....

  • Hi,

    "Login to API failed".
    1. Are you able to login to the data collector from the web browser? (you need to have opene 3030 port from your desktop to the storage) , as user lpar2rrd

    2. have you hashed the password in etc/storage-list.cfg by
    perl ./bin/

  • Hi Pavel,

    Gee - I was thinking about hashing the password could have something to do with -

    Working fine now - many thanks.

  • Have now had it running for a bit over 24 hours - with 2 SC4020's only.

    A rather short time for a full appraisal - but - as far as I can see - it collects all stats and display them correctly - sofar - works a treat......
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