Stor2rrd container doesn't contain Java?

Hi. We're setting up Stor2rrd for the first time and we're trying to set up the container image with persistent storage.

We're installing the Hitachi Export Tool 2 and it requires Java(8) to run, but the container image does not contain Java.

Are we doing something wrong, or is the container not expected to have Java?


  • Hi,

    no, Java is not in the container by default, it is against the container ideas.

    Installing of such 3rd party SW is hard to conteinarized (like you do not where they are installed etc, it could be changed version to version ... ). It makes no sense to prepare env for them in advance. They are mosty not ready to run in container env.

    If you have a VSP device to monitor then consider non containerized env.

  • Thanks for the quick answer, Pavel! That makes complete sense. We are going to look into automatically installing Java whenever the image is restarted and see if we can make that work.

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