Install dscli for stor2rrd into docker container

Hi all

First thanks to all for this great software.

I have an issue installing the dscli into the official Linux Alpine xorux/stor2rrd docker image. First I create a dockerfile as a following:

This dockerfile install libc and openjdk8 as requirements for dscli install bin file to work.

But, when I try to run the dscli installer, this fail, maybe due java issues.``

The second option that we have to make dscli installer works is change the openjdk java for ibm java.

But the IBM java installer fail when I try to install into the alpine stor2rrd docker image container.

Any clue or suggestion to have the IBM dscli running into the official stor2rrd docker image?

I will apreciate any help.


Victor S.


  • Hi,

    I am affraid it would not be easy, any chance to use any stand-alone Linux or our virtual appliance instead?

  • Hi All

    I will put the recipe here, maybe someone need it.

    I have a success to install the dscli client into the container crafting a Dockerfile to create the container.

    I will share the requiered code.

    IMPORTANT STEP: All the dscli CD MUST be compress as a .tar file with the name IMAGES.tar and reside in the instaladores directory.





    FROM xorux/stor2rrd

    ENV http_proxy http://xxx.xx.xx.xx:3128

    ENV https_proxy

    RUN apk update && apk add openjdk8-jre

    #RUN echo "INSTALLER_UI=silent" >> silent

    #RUN echo "LICENSE_ACCEPTED=TRUE" >> silent


    COPY ./Instaladores .

    RUN tar -xvvf /IMAGES.tar

    RUN /IMAGES/HMC/Disk1/InstData/Linux/NoVM/dsclisetup.bin -i silent



    version: '3'



      container_name: stor2rrd_1_java

      restart: always

      build: .


       - stor2rrd-data_2:/home/stor2rrd


       - "7070:80"


       TIMEZONE: "America/Lima"



      external: true

      name: stor2rrd-data_2


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