lpar2rrd server collects data from AIX OS agent only after 10 min.

I have installed Lpar2rrd server and OS agent on one AIX LPAR.

Data collection rate is set to 60sec. on client with "-s 60" opetion in crontab & its working fine but on server data is reflecting only after 10-12 mins.

I have checked the netstat -na <lpar2rrd_server> 8162, connection stays in CLOSE_WAIT state for 10 min after its timeout only it accepts new connection from client.

lpar2rrd web showing data collected at 10 min interval only. I am looking to change it to every 1 min.


  • Hi,

    OS agent collects 1 minute data locally on the LPAR and sends them to the server once 20 - 30 minutes.

    Does that explain your question?

  • Hi Pavel,

    you got me correctly.

  • Hi,

    Could anyone please provide some help on this.

  • I do not understand, I explained you that lpar2rrd agent sends data to the server once 20 - 30 minutes by default, what is the problem then?

  • Hi Pavel,

    Is it possible to reduce the frequency to send data to server.

  • Hi,

    well, it could be by using "-d" option, then it sends it every minute.

    * * * * * /usr/bin/perl /opt/lpar2rrd-agent/lpar2rrd-agent.pl -d <lpar2rrd server>

    However it is intended for debug purposes mainly, with using of it all your OS agents will connnect lpar2rd server every minute, it might cause quite big load on lpar2rrd server if you have thousands of OS agents

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